Warpline the hosting provider that Warfighter Web Design and Hosting uses will be migrating all server accounts to Direct  Admin control Panel. 

You will not need to do anything for this change. You should not make any changes to your website or blogs from 21 September 2019 0001 EST till 24 September 2019 0001 EST this is to allow Warpline to get the correct backup and to migrate all websites to the new servers and control panels. They will be doing this migration on 23 September 2019 0700 CST.  So please do not make any changes to your websites on these dates as it will not be included in the data migration and you will not be able to restore it. 

The switch to DirectAdmin from cPanel is due to cost that cPanel is charging and Warpline wants to keep the cost low. 

We have slightly modified DirectAdmin to look closer to cPanel, so we're hoping you and your clients will feel at home with the new look.  We will still have the same features available such as Softaculous, LiteSpeed, CloudLinux, and our standard feature list that you currently get.

The migration will begin at 7:00 AM CST on Monday, September 23rd.  The process will involve copying all accounts from the cPanel servers to new DirectAdmin servers that we have setup and waiting.  After the data is copied and we've ran our migration scripts, we will update our white label name servers to point to the new DirectAdmin servers. 

We expect downtime to be minimal.  There will not be any downtime while we copy the data to the new server.  The only issues of downtime would be fixing any site and configuration related issues after the migration is completed and sites are live on the new server.

Once the migration has completed, we will send out a notification that it's safe to make changes again.  We're expecting this to take most of the day, but we haven't performed a big migration like this before, so we're not going to put a hard end time on when we will finish.  

If you use the Warpline reseller name servers, you won't need to make any changes - we're handling everything for you.  If you use your own private label name servers or non-Warpline name servers such as CloudFlare, we update you with the new name server IP addresses along with the new server IP addresses so you can update your records accordingly.

Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.  Thank you for your cooperation and support.


Jesse Roach

Warfighter Web Design and Hosting



Tuesday, September 17, 2019

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